Music and chants

Music and chants

Devotional music and song can light the flame of love for God in our hearts and give impetus to the elevation of consciousness. The Divina Madre (Divine Mother) Choir*, together with the choirs of the Communities and Nuclei of Light, dedicate themselves to the building of a communal, spiritual, and fraternal life, developing the task of healing, and of being in harmony with higher plans through music.

*The Choir is made up of monks from the Grace Mercy Order, servers and collaborators of the Communities and Nuclei of Light, and volunteer musicians.

Music Albums

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Alabanzas al Rey



Primordial Fountain


Album dedicated to the Divine Mother


Singing with Divine Messengers


Our Lady told us:

When the souls sing, the hearts can radiate the spring of spiritual love, a sung love that lets the Doors of Heavens be opened, because these hearts in the service of the Plan of the Father become, for an instant,  angelical hearts that caress with love and reverence the great Heart of God.

Singing with the Virgin Mary       Singing with Saint Joseph    Singing with Christ
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The Divine Mother has inspired us to elevate our hearts through music and as an offer we share this space dedicated to inspired canticles and music by the Communities of Light and the Groups of Prayer.

On March 12th, 2012, the Divine Mother told us with immense sweetness:

 “[…] Sing and rejoice your hearts, it is necessary for My Peace to be established. […] Remember to sing to Me once more, not only to Glorify the Father but also to relieve My Heart that carries the burden of the world, of many souls that have been suffering for a long time. […] When I ask you to sing to Me, it is so that My Grace may unfold from the Heavens and it may invade the deepness of the souls.  For this I ask you […] that […] you sing with Me, not only to welcome  My Heart of Light but also to live daily in My Son. […] Joy and Hope for the world.”