Pilgrimage for Peace in Brazil

November 2017 


The Pilgrimage for Peace continues its journey this year, spreading the power of prayer and of music for the building of a more peaceful and fraternal world. Now, the Pilgrimage returns to Brazil, to the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais.  Free Admission. 

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Join the Divine Messengers in this mission of peace!

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What is the Campaign for Peace?

In Her Message of the 21st of May of 2015, Mary, Rose of Peace, made an important call to us. In a striking way, the Divine Mother asks from us a special assistance in order to effectively realize Her Plans of Peace for the World.


"Dear children, I ask you, on this day of blessing and of Grace, to continue to pray together for the plans of your Most Holy Mother.  For all to be possible, I invite you to realize a campaign for Peace, so that in this way the plans of the Virgin Mary may be fulfilled in this part of the world."  

Read here the complete message transmitted by Our Lady on the 21st of May


Pilgrimages held of the Campaign for Peace

 United States, | December of 2016 and January of 2017

“Many come here seeking a better life and become confused with the deep illusion that this world offers, forgetting that the true mission of this nation is to reestablish peace in the world, because it has human powers for that."  Mary, Rose of Peace, December, 15th of 2016

Watch the video of this event at Misericordia María TV


México | November and December of 2016

“In the simplicity of your heart, I wanted all of you to recover the values of faith and of purity, so that all the descendants of the Aztecs who live today in Mexico may be able to express the inner love that you achieved in times past."  Mary, Rose of Peace, november, 24th of 2016

Watch the video of this event at Misericordia María TV

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In a message transmitted to sister Lucía de Jesus on September 23, 2015, Saint Joseph, the Most Chaste Heart, invited us to participate in a campaign that he called: “Sowing Love in Humanity”. The purpose of this call is to create a great network of love and solidarity. He instructs us: “Whether as a service, going to a place that needs much love or within your families, conquer pride and fear and perform an act of love as your hearts direct you”.


You can contribute spiritually, organizing new groups of prayer or even offering your prayers to the materialization of the Plans of Peace of our Divine Mother.

We invite the praying groups, the Children of Mary and all of the pilgrims to unite in prayer for the realization of this goal.  Let us have in mind that we are all responsible in assisting Mary in Her Mission of Peace in the world.

Monetary Contribution

Every amount donated will be appreciated and of great assistance to the Marian work.  Each public Apparition realized demands many expenses. These spontaneous donations make the requests of the Divine Mother possible.

Your donations can be made through a bank deposit or by electronic payment.

Answer to this call using imagination and creativity to collect the required amount and support the work.  Organize events and divulge them to all.  From the heart and with faith, participate in this Campaign for Peace in the planet.

 Help with the diffusion of the Campaign for Peace

Send photos, videos, reports and testimonies of group or individual experience of the pilgrims to the Department of the Campaign for Peace campanhapelapaz@associacaomaria.org.
This material may be published in our Official Facebook.


Register in advance the promotional events of the Campaign for Peace. Click here to access the on-line form.

Get to know the initiatives of the groups of prayer and pilgrims that are diffusing this Marian Mission for peace in the whole world.

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This CD is the result of a response to a call from Mary, our Divine Mother, for our praying with an open heart.  Spontaneous music and chanting are ways of expressing the original purity by means of harmony and of the word with a rhythm.

You will be able to download the complete CD, produce it in high quality, and, offer it in exchange for spontaneous donations. 



Screen-print t-shirts, scarfs, stickers and other items in order to contribute to the Campaign.  This material may be offered with the objective of fundraising.

left: back/ right: front 


Download the screen-printing artwork (Vector file)


You will be able to download an exclusive material so that you may create your own Diffusion Stand, with the objective of raising funds for the materialization of the pilgrimages.  We make available to you the original artwork for the printing of posters and banners.

Download the screen-printing artwork:

Graphic material for Stands (vetor)
High resolution images



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